Intensive advanced italian level 4 and up

Intensive advanced italian level 4 and up

Open to students with a good competence in Italian, this course uses the language of cinema to better understand the varieties of spoken Italian. Along with a thorough grammar review, students will be exposed to movies that have been milestones of the Italian Cinema, and are considered emblems of significant moment of Italian history. The course through the analysis of the language and debates on the historical sociological context will encourage students to use a more complex syntax in their oral and written expositions. It is conducted in Italian by native speakers, and the teaching strategy is based on the use of the target language at all times.

Learning Objective
Acquiring fluency and accuracy in the use of complex syntactical structures (particular emphasis will be placed on the use subjunctive in secondary clauses and reported speech).
Knowledge of the most representative directors of the Italian cinematography.
Knowledge of the implications between Italian history and cinema.


2011 Programme 2-weeks Session: June 5-19 or Jun. 19-July 5
July 3-17 or July19- 31
Aug. 31-14 or Aug 17-30

2011 Programme 3-weeks Session : June 5-26
(extensible to 4 weeks) July 3-24


2-weeks mini intensive language programme (min. 5 students) – €540.00

3-weeks intensive programme €810.00 (min. 5 students)

4-WEEKS – FULL PROGRAMME €1080 (min. 5 students)


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